History of EzStorHitch™

Secure your hitch with EzStorHitch™!

Thank you for checking out my EzStorHitch™ about us page.

I have been camping my whole life, check out the photo of me in 1962 when I was only 1 year old, see our family’s converted school bus camper.

Through the years, I have owned and camped in almost every type of camping gear, including tents, 5th Wheel, Hybrid camper, and currently a Class C. 

When I owned the Hybrid trailer, I purchased an Equal-i-zer® Hitch to tow the trailer.  The hitch worked great, but I hated it when I got home from camping and had to figure out where to store that heavy, heavy hitch and spring or torsion bars.

It was way too expensive to leave outside unsecured, so I had to either carry it back to the shed or store it inside the camper.  I tried inside the camper, between the nasty grease and the weight leaving indentions on my floor and the wife complaining.   I decided that I had to carry back and forth from the shed each time. Ugh…

My friends store theirs inside their camper storage, but they have similar issues with the grease and trying to shove the heavy head through the storage door without smacking the side of their camper.  Moreover, losing that treasured storage space. Double Ughh… Look at how much space you gain:


So, I decided enough was enough and created EzStorHitch™ WD Trailer Hitch Storage System (Patent #:9,624,029) that works with the majority of the different weight distribution trailer hitch types and spring or torsion bars on the market.

EzStorHitch™ mounts either on the front “A” frame or on the rear bumper of the trailer with optional mounting bracket.  By utilizing a clamp type mounting system it can be quickly installed without any drilling into the trailer frame. Hence, no issues with the trailer warranty.

After you have installed the system, it only takes a matter of minutes to securely store your hitch and bars in an easy and convenient manor.
Additionally, when you use a locking hitch pin, it secures the hitch and bars from theft.

So take it from your fellow camper, do yourself and your back a favor by purchasing a EZStorHitch

Secure your hitch with EzStorHitch™!

Thanks for taking the time to read the back-story about my invention.