Why buy EzStorHitch™?

EzStorHitch™ is the only product on the market that provides you a dedicated storage device for your bulky weight distribution hitch including the hitch and bars.


EzStorHitch™ universal design, accommodates the majority of the hitches currently on the market. Click on the Hitch Bar Style tab to see how the different bars fit in the device.

EzStorHitch™  mounts right on your trailers A-Frame and its adjustable tray design allows it to fit most campers.  Providing all of your hitch components a secure location storage within steps. Thus eliminating the need to carry the heavy hitch and bars a long way or even taking them home to lay around on your garage floor always in your way.

Check out the "Hitch Bar Style" link above to see the videos for other hitch styles.

On the other hand, if you are like many campers who store them in a storage compartment, why risk damaging the side of your expensive camper or compartment flooring, trying to store that greasy, dirty hitch in a place that was not designed to handle the weight. Additionally, you gain valuable storage space to bring other items that you need to enjoy your trip.



Quick and easy, simple clamp on installation, no drilling, does not affect your trailer warranty.

Heavy gauge steel construction with durable powder coat finish.

EzStorHitch™ has a 30 day return policy if you are unable to install EzStorHitch™ on your camper, less return shipping.

EzStorHitch™ has a limited lifetime warranty. (See refund policy for additional information)

Stay tuned for the launch of EzStorBike  and EzStorRack  that will work with your EzStorHitch™ providing extended flexibility for your camping experience.

Patent Number: 9,624,029

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