SHOCKSTRAP, 7RSBK2PKP Rachet Tie-Down with Built-in Bungee Shock-Absorber, 1.5" x 7' or 15'. Black Polyester Safety Strap, 2-Pack

$ 69.98

The World's Best Tie Down!

  • Patented shock absorbing tie-down, soaks up movement from road vibrations, so your load stays secure!
  • Commercial grade ratchet features rubber handles with outside release; both field replaceable!
  • 1.5" polyester webbing rated at 3000 pounds breaking strength!
  • Oversized hooks with retention clips and integrated Soft Ties near booth ends, allows attachment where hooks cannot! Protects your bike from scratches!
  •  Rated to 3000 pound breaking strength/overall working load limit of 1000 pounds!